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  • Antiviral Agent Pyruvic Acid, Cas 127-17-3

    Pyridoxal 5 phosphate 【 The Enterprise Standard 】 CAS# : 127-17-3 Molecular formula : C3H4O3 Molecular weight : 88.06 Structural formula : 【 Description 】 Pyruvic acid is an organic compound, formerly known as coke of sour grapes (Germany Brenztr-aubensure), is involved in one of the...
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    Pyridoxal 5 phosphate The Enterprise Standard

    CAS#: 127-17-3

    Molecular formula C3H4O3

    Molecular weight  88.06

    Structural formula




    Pyruvic acid is an organic compound, formerly known as coke of sour grapes (Germany Brenztr-aubensure), is involved in one of the intermediate product of the whole organism basic metabolism. Pyruvic Acid can achieve the mutual conversion of sugar, fat and amino acids through the acetyl-CoA and tricarboxylic acid cycle, therefore, it plays an important role in the hub between the three major metabolic metabolism.

    Pyruvic Acid is extremely unstable, easily oxidized, weak oxidant Fe and H2O2 can oxidize pyruvate into acetic acid and release carbon dioxide. Pyruvic Acid is an intermediate product in the process of carbohydrate metabolism in organic bodies. It is also a transit point for the metabolism of protein and lipid. It is a colorless, irritating odor liquid under natural conditions with a boiling point of 165 ° C (decomposition) and soluble in water. Pyruvic Acid not only has the typical properties of hydroxy acids and ketones, but also has a-keto acid characteristics. It is the most simple a-keto acid (belonging to the hydroxy acid).


    Pyruvic Acid is used as the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, amino acids (substrates such as L-tyrosine), etc., which can improve efficiency. Particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, can shorten the flow, simplify processes. Such as 2-phenylcyclohexinic acid made from Pyruvic Acid is an antipyretic analgesic, diuretic. Using it as raw material can greatly reduce the cost of production.

    In addition, it also can be used as anti-TB drugs, isoniazid calcium pyruvate, the synthesis of hormone, the raw materials of insect repellent (Pyrunium Pamote); also used for pesticide raw materials. Using pyruvate, indole and ammonia as raw materials, biochemical reactions, can produce tryptophan.

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