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  • Purine Classification Of Pyridoxal 5-phosphate
    Nov 08, 2018

    China's reagent specifications are basically divided into purity (how much impurity content), a total of high purity, spectral purity, benchmark, spectroscopic pure, excellent grade pure, analytical and chemical purity. The state and the competent authorities promulgate three main types of quality indicators: pure, graded pure and chemically pure.

    (1) Excellent grade pure, also known as first-class product or guaranteed reagent, 99.8%. This reagent has high purity and low impurity content, suitable for important and precise analytical work and scientific research work, using green bottle label.

    (2) Analytical purity (AR), also known as secondary reagent, has a high purity of 99.7%, which is slightly better than excellent grade. It is suitable for important analysis and general research work, using red bottle label.

    (3) Chemically pure (CP), also known as tertiary reagent, ≥ 99.5%, the purity and analytical purity are quite different, suitable for industrial and mining, general analysis of schools. Use a blue (dark blue) label.

    (4) Experimental reagent (LR: Laboratory reagent), also known as a four-stage reagent.