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  • Food Additives Have Three Characteristics
    Nov 08, 2018

    The first is the substance added to the food, so it is generally not eaten as a food alone;

    The second is to include both synthetic and natural substances;

    Third, the purpose of adding to food is to improve the quality of food and color, aroma, taste and the need for anti-corrosion, preservation and processing technology.


    Food additives ≠ illegal additives

    The public talked about the color change of food additives. The more reason is to confuse the concept of illegal additives and food additives. It is obviously unfair to detain some illegal additives to the food additives. The "Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Strictly Combating the Illegal Addition of Foods to Strengthen the Supervision of Food Additives" requires the regulation of the production and use of food additives: the use of non-edible substances for the production of compound food additives is strictly prohibited, and food additives with unidentified labels and unknown sources may not be purchased. Seriously investigate and abuse the abuse of food additives, such as over-range and over-limit, and require the development and publication of general safety standards for food additives and food additive labeling standards by the end of 2011.

    What needs to be severely cracked is the illegal addition of food. It is urgent to regulate the production and use of food additives. There are some problems with food additives, such as unknown sources or improper materials, and the most prone problem is abuse.

    Experts remind the public that there is no need to panic about food additives. With the upcoming introduction of relevant national standards, the production and use of food additives will be more standardized. Of course, you should strengthen your awareness of self-protection and learn more about food safety. In particular, don't buy foods that are too bright, too rich, and taste bad.