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  • Characteristics Of Pharmaceutical Intermediate Production
    Nov 08, 2018

    First, most of the production enterprises are private enterprises, with flexible operation and small investment scale, basically between millions and 120 million yuan. Second, the geographical distribution of production enterprises is relatively concentrated, mainly distributed in Taizhou and Jiangsu gold in Zhejiang. The area where the altar is the center; the third is that as the country pays more and more attention to environmental protection issues, the pressure on production enterprises to build environmentally friendly treatment facilities increases; the fourth is the rapid update of products. 

    After a product is generally available for 3 to 5 years, its profit margin will drop drastically, which will force enterprises to continuously develop new products or continuously improve production processes in order to maintain high production profits. Fifth, due to the high profit of pharmaceutical intermediate production. In the chemical products, the production process of the two is basically the same, so more and more small chemical companies have joined the ranks of producing pharmaceutical intermediates, resulting in increasingly fierce competition in the industry; sixth, compared with raw materials, production The profit margin of intermediates is low, and the production process of APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates is similar. 

    Therefore, some enterprises have not only produced intermediates, but also used their own advantages to start producing APIs.