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  • What changes can food additives bring to food?
    Nov 08, 2018

    Start with your kitchen and add some yeast to your face. The soy sauce for cooking will contain preservatives, as well as sodium glutamate (MSG). Without these, how can your family feast attract attention?

    Besides, all kinds of foods, the most hot milk powder, the rich nutrients in the product, what vitamins, minerals, are you looking at these nutrients when you buy? They are nutritional fortifiers, all of which are food additives; indispensable for drinking juice drinks, preservatives are added; fried foods and baked goods are inseparable from antioxidants; colorants are needed when pursuing satisfactory colors; To the fragrance, flavors and fragrances are also necessary; there are also taste, thickeners, emulsifiers come... Without food additives, do people eat these colored, fragrant and delicious foods?

    As our life becomes more and more colorful, the demand for food is not only full, but the color, fragrance and taste are already the basic requirements of people. So, how to achieve it, food additives play a decisive role in it. The role. A few years ago, in the food additive industry, the slogan “There is no modern food industry without food additives”, and the annual food additive exhibition is becoming more and more popular. It reflects the contribution of food additives to the modern food industry.