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  • Trends in natural food additives
    Nov 08, 2018

    Food additives are the mainstay of the food industry. As people pay more attention to health and safety, it will become inevitable for food additives to develop in a natural, non-toxic and healthy direction. At the two European Health Food Additives Ingredients Exhibition in 2000 and 2002, more than 400 companies participated in the exhibition. It can be seen that natural food additives are gaining popularity among more and more people. Of course, the current natural food additive industry still needs to be improved, and there are still many problems waiting for our new generation to solve, which puts higher requirements on the research and development and application of natural food additives. 

    China is a vast country with a vast territory and rich species. It has a cultural history of thousands of medicines and foods, and has obvious advantages in the development and research of functional natural food additives and ingredients. The development and research of new varieties of natural food additives will enable the use of high-quality sweeteners in diabetic foods, the high cost of natural pigments, and the use of preservatives in fresh foods to meet the needs of consumers. More needs. The research and development of natural food additives is an unstoppable mission of the times.