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  • Customized production process in the pharmaceutical intermediate industry
    Nov 08, 2018

    Customized products are divided into three levels based on how close they are to working with customers:

    (1) Participating in the research and development of new drugs for customers, which requires the company's R&D center to have strong innovation capabilities;

    (2) Enlarge the customer's pilot products to meet the large-scale production process route, which requires the company's engineering amplification capability of the product and the continuous process improvement capability of the customized product technology to meet the needs of product scale production. Continuously reduce production costs and enhance the competitiveness of products;

    (3) Process digestion and improvement of products in the large production stage of customers to meet the quality standards of foreign companies.

    Medicilis offers custom synthesis services that can be used to design synthetic routes for customers' target molecules and to synthesize and deliver compounds on time and in volume, including control compounds, metabolites, reagents, intermediates, molecular fragments and impurities.