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  • Correctly guard against the hazards of food additives
    Nov 08, 2018

    First, buy things in the supermarket, be sure to develop the habit of turning over to see the "back". Try to buy foods that contain less additives.

    Second, choose foods with low processing. When buying food, try to choose foods with low processing. The higher the degree of processing, the more additives there are. Please don't forget that the stronger the light, the deeper the shadow.

    Third, "know" and eat later. I hope everyone will know what kind of additives are in the food before eating.

    Fourth, do not go straight to bargains - there is a reason for cheap, behind the price war, there are food processing industry in the dark.

    Five. Have the spirit of “simple doubts”. “Why is this bright and beautiful fish color so beautiful?” “Why is this hamburger so cheap?” With the spirit of “simple doubts”, the truth will naturally appear when selecting processed foods.

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